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Case Studies: PPTs: Excels: Summary of Work: Grant:
Case Study A
MTT prep manual PPT A
Excel A 

Week 6:

The work I did throughout this week for this class was complete some of my PPT for my study guide.  I also looked for different games that I would like to have after the presentation.  I as well looked for clipart that I could use without it being copyright. Since I too had to figure out what exactly I am doing and what my domain will ask MTTs, I had to research up on it a bit so that I could make sure I have a better grasp, and understanding of it.  If I am going to present on other domain I have to make sure I first know it well, so that way if people have questions, I can answers them the best I can. I also looked at the next MTT PPT.  I completed the Butterfly one, and now need to work on the Excels and the case studies. 


Word copy of Pepsi Refresh Everything Online Grant Application
Case study B
MTT_PPT_ B  Excel B

Week 8:

These last few weeks have been hectic.  I have been out of the classroom most of the time due to TELPAS testing, LAS testing, STAAR testing, and this week I made one main big step that many people have to do, I bought my first car.  With all this excitement, and testing, I still completed some items for class. I got together with my partner for Project 4 for Mrs. Evans class, I completed Excel B and C, I listened in on the class recordings for March 27 since I was unable to make it, and I also added a few more items to my PTT for the study guide.  I originally went with the basic blue with yellow font background, but I show come really nice ones in the class recording and decided to look for a more eye catching background.

Study Guide Games


Click here for larger version

Case Study C
Excel C

Week 10:

This week I worked on things I was behind with. Items included fixing my case studies with the suggestions given to me by professor.  I read the feedback and realized that I had left some stuff out so I went back to fix it. I also worked on the rest of the PPTs.  This included the PPT Clouds.  I was a little confused by that one since the links to the pictures did not work, so I put it off thinking maybe it would get fixed, but I decided to just complete it with pictures that I found on the internet.  I looked at old PPTs that I did for MTT and looked at the feedback given to see how I could do this different. I made the pictures smaller which is something that was mentioned that I should do and I also made sure the font was the same for each slide, which is something I didn’t do before.

Study Guide PPT
Case study D
Excel D

Week 12:

This week I worked on my staff development project.  I made it the same as the one that I will be presenting at the Region One Technology conference and South Padre Island. The reason for this is so that it can be perfected by the time I have to present it at Region One.  I will also be able to see the reaction it had on the audience at Region One, so that when I come back and try to present it in August at the Donna ISD I can use the evaluate from teachers and use them to add stuff to the presentation.  All three part where worked on. The person I Chose to see and evaluate my staff development for this assignment was our school’s librarian. The reason for this is because the school’s librarian is the person who knows a lot about training and technology since they perform them and are media specialist.

Staff Development


Click on D icon above


Week 13:

This week, I worked on my Diigo account.  I was missing discussions and went back and included some that I was missing. I also copy pasted the one that I already did so that I could included a Word document of all the discussion questions I did already.  I figured this would be easier since we had to do this for library science.  Each student would send the professor a copy pasted document with all the responses they have finished for it to be easier to grade.  I also finished the last excel that I needed, and more of the staff development.  I as well worked on the presentation I have coming up with Region One at the Technology Conference.

Diigo Discussions



[1] http://larrybettencourt.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/the-assignment/

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